British Grime Star Coco Releases New EP

Back with a new five-track EP, Coco reveals why he’s moving into producing

Fans of the UK grime scene will have had Coco on their radar ever since he began making beats back in 2008. Now releasing his new five-track EP, No Rehearsal on May 25, the Sheffield-born grime star speaks about his beginnings, inspirations and scene heroes…

On starting young:
“Yeah, it was around that age; 13 or 14… A bunch of my friends in school were already onto it before me, and I sort of got on to listening to what was popular at the time and obviously grime was in its element then… I must of heard a couple of riddims, like the ‘Pow!’ refixes with a bunch of different MCs on it, and I think that's when I had my first experience of grime.”

Heroes on the scene:
“Definitely Skepta - he was definitely one of the standout guys who helped me develop as an MC by just watching him and what he was about, and what he was doing. And obviously, people he was close to as well: Jme, Wiley, Kano, all the people who were bubbling at the time.”

Moving into producing:
“I jumped on Fruity Loops around 2008; I remember my friend, Combat, he was on it before me and I was like, ‘Yo! I beg you install this on my laptop, fam. I wanna try a ting.’ And like I said, your Skeptas, your Wileys, they were all self-producing - Jme too - so I wanted to do that as well, and kept on practicing and practicing and learning, and now I'm here.”

Performing live:
“If you're coming to a festival, you know what time it is - it's a given. And the energy from the crowd, the good vibes; for me to be on stage, performing to whatever number it is, it's just a good feeling. Everyone's come out to have a good time and they're watching me, and they're happy to see me on that stage. So performing at festivals, for me, is a feeling like no other.”


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