Happy Birthday To Us! URBN is AGE IN HERE

We celebrate in style by looking back on some of the most iconic names in hip hop, who’ve influenced our DJs, guests and some of the biggest rap and R&B stars of today

It’s been funking up Saturday nights in Dubai with the best hip hop and R&B tunes for 4 years now. And as URBN celebrates its 4th birthday at WHITE Dubai, we look back on some of the artists who not only made the genre so creative, fascinating and downright ground-breaking in the music biz, but also continue to influence some of the greatest hip hop, R&B and rap stars today, including Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj and more…

Grandmaster Flash
He might now be 60, but to hip hop fans, Joseph Saddler will always be that 24-year-old kid who, along with the Furious Five, released The Message in 1982 and changed music forever. Having influenced artists such as N.W.A and Notorious B.I.G, Flash was a pioneer in mixing, scratching and cutting.

Afrika Bambaataa
Let’s face it, who doesn’t love Planet Rock? The track was voted number three in Rolling Stone’s greatest hip hop tracks of all time, and former gang member Kevin ‘Afrika Bambaataa’ Donovan has been dubbed ‘The Godfather’ of hip hop, and was one of the originators of breakbeat DJing.

Notorious B.I.G
Considered to be one of the greatest rappers of all time, his work with Sean Combs made the pair of them world-famous. His debut album, Ready To Die went four-times platinum, spawning the classic, Juicy, and of course, he famously met an untimely end during the East Coast/West Coast feud of the 90s.

Doug E. Fresh
Yeah, that’s actually his real name – Douglas Eugene Fresh – and with a surname like that, how could he have failed to become a hip hop legend?
Along with the Get Fresh Crew, the rapper pioneered beatboxing and gave us the iconic La Di Da Di.

LL Cool J
With two Grammy awards on the shelf, LL signed with the ground breaking label, Def Jam and released his classic debut album, Radio, from which we were blessed with Rock The Bells. His fourth album, Mama Said Knock You Out went double platinum and… well, you know the drill, don’t call it a comeback.

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