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There are ways to dissect what WHITE Dubai is, has been, and will be, though nothing like allowing it to rule your night will have you understand why it’s ‘it’. 


When WHITE landed in Dubai in 2013, it acted the part. The most uninterrupted views of the city’s skyline and the ever-so-tall Burj Khalifa were your Mona Lisa to stare at as you danced. The lofty high-tech club then became home to the craziest artists and shows; a party within a party, but where the cocktails and bites were finer than wine. The club took Dubai by storm and the world with it. WHITE was now #1 regionally and #15 internationally, leading all that’s nightlife (and good taste). 


WHITE is back with fresh, transformative energy for you to get involved with. The menu grew into that of a restaurant, while our signature cocktails were recreated, redesigned, and re-elected best tasting in the city.


As for the shows, not only are they still magnificent but have become more unique and galvanizing than you remember them. They’re a spectacle crafted with a clubbing-meet-cabaret tone, as WHITE is still home to DJs who have roamed the world over. International acts like a hair hanger or Britain’s Got Talent duo vocalists light up the Dubai skyline backdrop as you sip on your cocktail. Now isn’t that an experience.



The finer times are here. Finer caviar and finer cuts, a global taste to pair well with the shows you’re about to see, which can get dizzying on an empty stomach.

Select what you please, a yellowtail carpaccio or taramasalata with smoked salmon, in all ways your night got more interesting the second you stepped in. And don’t be intimidated by our caviar selection or oyster tray, they were freshly fished for you. Lovers of all lifestyles, we got you. 



Spirits have a spirit, and we’ve long connected with it to craft signature cocktails that just make your night better.

‘Colors on colors on taste’ is the unofficial motto of WHITE mixologists, and their signature creations overstate it. We say take them up on it. Maybe it’s a rum selection that you’re looking for or the taste of summer in a sweet cocktail, whichever it is, we’ve mastered it. 

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Not to brag but... our shows are what we say they are, ‘ours.’ 


Roamed the world over, the 20 or so artists we present are WHITE loyalists, so their shows are tailored for us, you. A casually flying hair hanger, clubbing-meet-cabaret shows, and DJs who’ve played almost everywhere all meet for your entertainment. They say some Broadway-esque costumes and electrifying DJ sets cure overwork fatigue, so how about we give it a try?

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The lofty high-tech lounge at Meydan Racecourse spreads over 20,000 sq ft, with it a layer of an L-Acoustics sound system to really bring out that beat during French night or URBN. 


As for the neat view for the night, Dubai’s glassy skyline takes over the rooftop’s backdrop. But... we’ve also added a nicely lit frame in the best overseeing spot of the lounge so those snaps are always IG-ready.

WHITE Dubai is available for private events and group bookings.



Level 8, Gate B

Meydan Racecourse, Nad El Sheba 1, Dubai

United Arab Emirates

+971 800 9191


Monday - Sunday, 8PM - 3AM


Please note WHITE Dubai operates a smart elegant dress code.

Sportwear, beachwear and shorts are not permitted.

Entrants must be a minimum of 21 years of age.

ID is essential.